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Announcement of GST Revised Rates

Announcement of GST Revised Rates

The GST Council, in it’s 28th meeting held on the 21st of July 2018, recommended rate cuts on several goods. The move aimed to hit the consumer segment positively, through Rate rationalisation.

The key industries benefited by this are:

1. Automobiles


3. Handicrafts sector

This will mean that authorities are vigilant about the Anti-profiteering rules being strictly implemented to pass the benefits to the end-consumers. These rate cuts are summarised industry wise below:

GST Rate Changes decided at 28th GST Council Meeting

IndustryItemOld Rate (%)New Rate (%)Rate Cut (%)
AutomobileLithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles281810
 Concrete Mixers281810
 Crane Lorries281810
 Spraying Lorries281810
 Fire Fighting Vehicles281810
 Work Trucks used for goods transportation in factories, warehouses, dock areas, or airports281810
 Semi Trailers281810
 Fuel Cell Vehicles281216
Oil and GasEthanol18513
 Brass Kerosene Stove18126
FMCGSanitary Napkins12012
 Scent Sprays281810
 Toilet Sprays281810
 Powder Puffs281810
 Cosmetic Pads281810
 Glaziers’ Putty281810
 Grafting Putty281810
 Resin Cements281810
Consumer ElectricalsWashing Machines281810
 Vacuum Cleaners281810
 Televisions (upto 68cm)281810
 Water Coolers281810
 Ice Cream Freezers281810
 Milk Coolers281810
 Food Grinders281810
 Hair Clippers281810
 Storage Water Heaters281810
 Immersion Water Heaters281810
 Hair Dryers281810
 Hand Dryers281810
 Electric Smoothing Irons281810
FootwearFootwear costing upto Rs 1,000 per pair*
*earlier, 5% GST was charged for value upto Rs.500 per pair
TextileChenille Fabrics1257
 Handloom Dari1257
 Knotted Caps costing under Rs 1,0001257
 Jewellery Boxes18126
ConstructionBamboo Flooring18126
AgriculturePhosphoric Acid (Fertilizer Grade)1257
 Solid Biofuel Pellets18018
 Coir Pith Compost505
Art and Handicrafts (cottage industry)Stone/Marble/Wood Deities505
 Wood Frames18126
 Art Ware of Cork18126
 Stone Art Ware18126
 Stone Inlay Work18126
 Ornamental Framed Mirrors18126
 Glass Statues18126
 Glass Art Ware18126
 Art Ware of Iron18126
 Art Ware of Brass18126
 Art Ware of Copper18126
 Art Ware of Nickel18126
 Art ware of Silver18126
 Aluminium Art Ware18126
 Handcrafted Lamps18126
 Worked Vegetable or Mineral Carvings18126
 Wax Articles18126
 Ganjifa Card18126
 Handmade Carpets1257
 Handmade Lace1257
 Hand Woven Tapestries1257
 Handmade Braids1257
 Sal Leaves18018
 Siali Leaves505
 Sabai Rope12012
 Phool Bhari Jhadoo505
 Khali Dona505

w.e.f 27th July 2018, subject to CBIC Notification

NOTE: These rates have not been implemented yet. They will be made effective from 27th July 2018, the notification for which is still pending.