Bank Loan Rating

Bank Loan Rating from external agencies area unit employed by Banks, Vendors, money establishments, Investors et al to measure the money health of Associate in Nursing Enterprise and its ability to create timely payment of its loan, as well as principal and interest payment. numerous external credit rating agencies like CRISIL, ICRA, CARE, Brickworks et al are authorized by the govt to rate the loan facilities enjoyed by businesses in Asian country. Further, to enhance awareness concerning credit rating and its profit, the govt of Asian country additionally provides a grant for MSME businesses to get SME credit rating.

Ali Tax World is that the largest business services platform in Asian country, providing a range of services like collateral free loan syndication, CMA report preparation, loan rating consultatory, company incorporation, trademark registration, GST registration, revenue enhancement filing and additional. Ali Tax World will assist you get loan rating for your business. Get a free consultation for getting loan rating through Ali Tax World by planning a briefing with Associate in Nursing Ali Tax World authority.

Different Types of Bank Loan Facilities

Term Loan

Term loan is sanctioned by Banks for purchase of mounted assets like land, building, instrumentality and different sorts of assets. Reimbursement is mounted over a amount of five years with EMI payments or bullet payments.

Working Capital

Working capital loan is sanctioned by Banks for capital functions like holding of inventory, assets and build-up of different current assets in a very business. Capital facilities area unit renewable each year.

Letter of Credit

Letter of credit could be a form of facility from a Bank guaranteeing a buyer’s payment to a trafficker, within the event that the customer is unable to create payment on the acquisition as per terms of the dealing.

Bank Guarantee

Bank guarantee could be a promise from a bank that the liabilities of a celebration are met by the Bank within the event that the party fails to satisfy written agreement obligations. Bank guarantees area unit usually requested whereas capital punishment massive comes.

Mortgage Loan

Mortgage loans area unit loans that area unit backed by material possession by putt a lien on the property being encumbered. The funds generated from a loan are employed by the business for any purpose.

How we help with bank loan rating advisory

Ali Tax World will assist you get loan rating for your business.

Engagement advisory

A Business knowledgeable can review the business profile, money data and loan documentation to know the background of the business.


Based on the data gathered, consolatory on loan rating is provided to the shopper and hand-holding is completed throughout conferences with rating agencies.

Rating advisory

Post the discharge of rating by the agency, a discussion is completed with the shopper and rating agency to make sure the rating is in line with the performance of the enterprise.


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