Cancel GST Registration

Most persons or entities UN agency provide product and/or services in Asian country have a GST registration. When getting GST registration, generally a GST registration may have to be off. a number of the foremost common reasons for cancellation of GST registration area unit closure of business, no demand to pay GST, transfer of business, amendment in constitution and no endeavor. Surrendering a GST registration can cut back the compliance demand for the remunerator, as GST returns wouldn’t longer get to be filed monthly. To cancel a GST registration, application should be submitted on the GST Common Portal in type GST REG-16 together with the desired data. On submission of AN application for cancellation of GST registration, the GST officer is needed to verify the applying And issue an order in type GST REG-19, at intervals thirty days from the date of application.

Ali Tax World offers a set a whole vary of GST services from GST registration to cancellation of GST registration. Additionally, through Ali Tax World, you’ll be able to conjointly simply maintain GST compliance through LEDGERS GST Platform and file GST returns with our GST skilled support, at an inexpensive price. Gets a free phone consultation regarding GST registration cancellation in India country?



The GSTIN of the business to be cancelled.

Stock Details

Details of inputs command available or inputs contained in semi-finished or finished product command available and of capital product command available on the date back that cancellation of registration is sought-after.

Tax Liability

Details of any unfinished GST liability, fines, penalty, etc., .

Tax Credit

Details of any GST payment, created against such liability and details of input decrease.

How we have a tendency to facilitate with cancellation of GST Registration

Ali Tax World will assist you cancel GST registration at intervals 30-60 business days, subject to Government process times.

Application Preparation

An Ali Tax World GST skilled can prepare your GST registration cancellation application and collect the documents necessary for filing of application with the GST Department.

Application Filing

Once the applying is ready and verified, Ali Tax World can submit the GST registration cancellation application to the GST Department together with details of Authorized individual.

ARN Generation

Once the applying and therefore the connected supporting documents area unit uploaded, the GST Department would allot an ARN range. AN Ali Tax World GST skilled can track the ARN range to completion


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