Non-Resident Taxpayer

Goods and Services Tax or GST has been enforced in Asian country from first Gregorian calendar month, 2017 and non-resident taxpayers are needed to get GST registration and file GST returns. in line with the GST Act, “non-resident assessable person” means that a person UN agency often undertakes transactions involving offer of products or services or each, whether or not as principal or agent or in the other capability, however UN agency has no fastened place of business or residence in Asian country. All non-resident assessable persons area unit needed to appoint associate degree authorized person in Asian country for the aim of compliant with GST laws.

Non-resident taxpayer’s area unit needed to get GST registration as a Non-Resident Foreign payer five days before the endeavor business in Asian country. Associate degree application for GST registration for foreign non-resident assessable person should be created through associate degree authorized agent in Asian country. Once, associate degree application for GST registration is filed, a group action variety would be generated. Mistreatment the group action variety, GST deposit should be created by the payer to get GST registration in India.

Ali Tax World is that the leading business services platform in Asian country, giving a range of services like GST migration, GST registration, GST come filing, non-public company registration, trademark filing and additional. Ali Tax World will assist you foreign corporations and NRIs with end-to-end GST compliance services ranging from GST registration to GST come filing through a proprietary GST accounting code. The common time taken to get GST registration is regarding ten – fifteen operating days, subject to government interval and consumer document submission. Get a free consultation on GST registration, GST accounting associate degreed GST come filing by programing an arrangement with an Ali Tax World adviser.

Advantages of goods & Services Tax (GST)

Unified Platform

With the implementation of GST in Asian country, the indirect taxes would be efficient and standardized. Underneath GST regime, businesses ought not to acquire multiple VAT registration in numerous States or acquire a separate VAT and repair Tax registration. One GST registration would be adequate across Asian country for mercantilism or getting product or providing services.

Subsuming of Taxes

Subsumes numerous different taxes like Central nuisance tax, extra duty, Purchase Tax, Luxury Tax, etc., Hence, under GST, several of the taxes breathing nowadays would be subsumed and created into one tax. This is able to create collection and compliance straightforward for businesses across the country.

Lower Taxes

Currently in some states underneath the VAT regime, businesses area unit needed to suits VAT laws once they cross associate degree annual turnover of Rs.5 lakhs. Underneath GST regime, GST liability accrues given that associate degree entity crosses associate degree annual turnover of Rs.10 lakhs in northeast or hill states, whereas for remainder of Asian country, the brink is about at Rs.20 lakhs.

Ease of Doing Business

Currently, several businesses like restaurants, pc sales and services businesses ought to suits each VAT and repair Tax laws. This creates a compliance burden on the business, as they need to calculate taxes for the group action supported totally different rates for various things. Under GST, the excellence between product and services are going to be gone – creating doing business straightforward

Larger Tax Base

GST is anticipated to extend the assets in Asian country considerably. Hence, the general liabilities for businesses is anticipated to cut back overtime, as additional and additional businesses become compliant. Further, GST can use the newest in technology, together with information from Aadhaar information, PAN information, etc., to form GST registration and GST come filing method, as seamless as attainable.

How we help with GST registration

Ali Tax World can help your business obtain GST Registration in 7 to 12 days, subject to Government processing time.


Free Consultation

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Application Preparation
An Ali Tax World GST knowledgeable can prepare your GST registration application and collect your documents with signature within the format.

Application Filing
Once the applying is ready, Ali Tax World can file for registration beneath GST with the involved Tax Department.

GST Registration
Once the GST registration application and therefore the hooked up supporting documents ar verified, the Tax Department can allot GST number (GSTIN) for your business.


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