Import Export (IE) Code could be a registration needed for person’s commerce or exportation merchandise and services from Asian country. That is Code is issued by the board General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of Asian country. That is Codes once issued will be employed by the entity throughout its existence and does not need any renewal or filing. Therefore, it’s counseled for many organizations to get that is Code, regardless of if they have it at the instant.

IE Code application should be created to the board General of Foreign Trade at the side of the required supporting documents. Once, the applying is submitted, DGFT can issue the is Code for the entity in fifteen – twenty operating days or less.

Reasons to Register a Import Export Code

Importers require IE Code

All Importers WHO import merchandise into Asian country need Associate in Nursing that is Code. The is Code should be quoted whereas clearing customs. Also, banks need the importers that is Code whereas causation cash abroad.

No return Filing

IE Code doesn’t need the filing of any come back. Once, Associate in Nursing that is Code is issued there are not any any procedures needed to keep up validity of the is Code. Import or export transactions occur, there are not any filings needed to DGFT.

Exporters require IE Code

All Exporters WHO export merchandise or services from Asian country need Associate in Nursing that is Code. The is Code should be quoted whereas causation shipments. And banks need the exporters that is Code whereas receiving cash from abroad.

Proprietors can have IE Code

Even people WHO square measure proprietors of a business will get that is Code in their name. It’s not necessary to include a business entity for getting that is Code.

Lifetime – NO Renewal

IE Code is issued for the period of the entity and needs no renewal. Therefore once a is Code is obtained, it will be employed by that entity for all its import or export transactions with none any hassles.

Documents required for Import Export Code

Identity and Business Proof

Identity proof like passport, driver’s license, aadhaar card, voter’s id or identity card for the promoters with image or person authorized to file that is code application. Just in case of legal entity or registered body, then partnership deed or incorporation certificate or registration certificate is needed.

Cancelled Cheque Copy

Bank certificate as per DGFT format or off cheque bearing preprinted name of applier and account variety. Bank certificate or off cheque is employed to verify that the applier has a lively accounting with a bank in India.

How we help with IEC code registration

Ali Tax world can help your business obtain Import Export Code (IE Code) in 12 to 20 days, subject to Government processing time.


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 Application Preparation

An Ali Tax Worlds Tax knowledgeable can prepare your id. Code Application within the prescribed format beside the mandatory supporting documents and acquire your signature within the application.

Application processing

Once the applying is ready, Ali Tax Worlds can submit the id Code Application to the board General of Foreign Trade for additional process and allotment of id Code.

IE Code Allotment

Once the applying and also the connected supporting documents are verified, the board General of Foreign Trade can allot an id Code for your business.


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