Income Tax Notice

Income tax notices are sent by the taxation Department for varied reasons like not filing taxation come back, defect in filing of official document or alternative instances wherever the tax department needs extra data or documents. On receiving A taxation notice, there’s no reason to be afraid or frightened. However, the payer should take steps perceive to know to grasp} understand the character of notice, the request or order within the notice and take steps to obey.

Ali Tax World offers a comprehensive suite of services for families and businesses to assist them maintain their tax compliance. just in case you receive AN taxation notice, get involved with a Tax knowledgeable at Ali Tax World to higher perceive the taxation notice and confirm a course of action. you’ll be able to send a duplicate of the tax notice and question to info@Ali Tax Our Tax specialists will then recommendation you on the sort of notice received and supply support in serving to you accommodates the tax notice or order.

Types of Income Tax Notice

Notice u/s 143(1) – Intimation

This is one in every of the foremost unremarkably received taxation notice. The taxation department sends this notice seeking a response to the errors/ incorrect claims/ inconsistencies in A taxation come back that was filed. If you wish to revise the come back when receiving this notice, it should be done among fifteen days. Else, the official document is processed when creating necessary changes mentioned within the 143(1) tax notice.

Notice u/s 142(1) – Inquiry

This notice is addressed to the assesses once the comeback is already filed and more details and documents ar needed from the assesses to finish the method. This notice also can be sent to necessitate a payer to produce extra documents and data.

Notice u/s 139(1) – Defective return

A taxation notice below Section 139(1) would be issued if the taxation come back filed doesn’t contain all necessary data or propaganda. If tax notice below Section 139(1) is issued, you must rectify the defect within the comeback among fifteen days.

Notice u/s 143(2) – Scrutiny

A taxation notice below Section 143(2) is issued if the tax officer wasn’t happy with the documents and data that was submitted by the payer. Taxpayers UN agency receive notice below Section 142(2) are designated for a close scrutiny by the taxation department and ought to submit extra data.

Notice u/s 156 – Demand Notice

This type of taxation notice is issued by the taxation Department once any tax, interest, fine or the other total is owed by the payer. All demand tax notice can stipulate the total that is outstanding and due from the payer.

How we help with tax notice response

Ali Tax will assist you perceive and answer taxation notices.

Copy of Notice

Submit a duplicate of the taxation notice received through email at info@Ali Tax alongside your phone and email address. On receiving the tax notice, a Ali Tax World tax knowledgeable can decision you for a consultation.


Based on the discussion, we’ll confirm a course of action and response to the notice received. Our Tax specialists will assist you draft and submit the response, supported your approval.


After submission of reply to the tax notice, if any extra data is received from the taxation Department, we are able to recommendation you on an acceptable course of action.


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