Logos area unit distinct and unforgettable styles that area unit wont to represent a business or enterprise. Brand planning is that the method of planning a brand and is among the primary tasks undertaken whereas beginning a brand new venture. Hence, logos area unit the face of any whole – the terribly initial impression and once dead properly, serves an awfully powerful plus to the business. Further, in today’s digital words, businesses have to be compelled to vie for attention and credibleness – way on the far side the normal reach of a card, leaflet and web site. Today’s businesses should address its customers through multiple bit points like sign boards, videos, mobile apps, ecommerce platforms, packaging and a myriad of social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Hence, it’s vital to require time and style a brand that represent the corporate whereas beginning a brand new venture.

Some of the details to think about whereas planning a brand area unit the target market, culture of the corporate, company’s combination, font alternative, business name and punch line. Logo’s needn’t incorporate the business name or punch line. However, just in case the brand should be registered as a Trademark, then it should incorporate the business name.

Ali Tax World is that the leading business services platform in Asian nation, providing a spread of services like trademark registration, business registration, tax registration, tax filing and capital syndication. Ali Tax World will assist you style a brand. The common time taken to complete a brand planning is three – seven operating days, subject to shopper approval. Get a free consultation for brand planning by planning a rendezvous with associate degree Ali Tax World consultant.

Important Aspects of logo designing

Combination Mark

Combination marks or picture logotypes area unit a mixture of word mark and image mark – associating each the name of the corporate and a visible icon. Combination marks will typically be split apart, giving the power to use the text or the image severally if matters requires it. Also, from a legal perspective, combination marks tend to be easier to trademark than symbol-only logos or word mark logos. Nike, Adidas, dish Hut area unit all samples of combination mark.


Word marks area unit logos that solely consists of text in an exceedingly artificial format employing a distinctive format. A recent study discovered that out of the logos happiness to the highest one hundred brands within the world, thirty seventh of the logos area unit word marks. Word marks area unit best suited once the name of the corporate is incredibly distinctive and unforgettable. Samples of word mark logos embody Coke, Google, Yahoo, Sony and Facebook.

Symbol Mark

Symbol marks area unit logos that consists solely of an emblem or icon while not the utilization of words or letters. Image mark are often risky because it doesn’t convey the name of the entity within the brand. Hence, image marks don’t seem to be suggested for new startup or a smaller company that is making an attempt to induce individuals a lot of acquainted with their brand. Apple Computers, LG and Microsoft area unit all sensible samples of image mark.


Letter marks area unit logos that consists of word, however highlight solely the company’s initials instead of their full name. Letter mark is good for enterprises whereby the name is tough to pronounce or long. Samples of accepted letter mark area unit IBM and Semitic deity that indicate International Business Machines and Electronic Arts, severally.


Emblems position text within an emblem, whereby they’re each much indivisible. Emblems therefore fit the planning of a politician badge or seal, creating them a favorite alternative for state and political organizations. A number of the accepted emblems embody Starbucks occasional, Harley Davidson and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

How we help with logo planning

Ali Tax World will assist you with brand planning.

Free Consultation Got questions? Request a call from an Ali Tax World Business Advisor.

Design Discussion

A stigmatization knowledgeable can review the planned brand transient and gather your needs.

Draft designs

Based on the transient and discussion, initial drafts area unit ready and provided to you for corrections and suggestions.

Final design

Based on the suggestions and discussions, the ultimate brand is rendered in prime quality and submitted to complete the engagement.


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