Memorandum of Association Amendment

Memorandum of Association of an organization sets down the constitution of an organization as well as the permissible vary of activities of the corporate, state of incorporation, kind of company, capital clause, liability clause and additional. Changes to memoranda of Association of an organization are often needed whereas ever-changing name of an organization, ever-changing registered workplace from state to state. Alteration of objects clause, alteration of capital clause or increase of authorised capital. Changes to the memoranda of Association of an organization would need the passing of a special resolution and shareholders consent.

Ali Tax World is that the leading business services platform in Republic of India, providing a range of services like company registration, trademark filing, GST registration, taxation filing and additional. Ali Tax World will assist you amend memoranda of Association of an organization. The typical time taken to file for complete a memoranda of Association change is regarding ten – fifteen operating days, subject to government interval and consumer document submission. Get a free consultation on procedure for change of memoranda of association by programming a rendezvous with Associate in Nursing Ali Tax World authority.

Major Clauses in memorandum of Association

Object Clause

Lawful objects are often declared and enclosed within the objects clause of the memoranda of association, whether or not the corporate engages all told those activities or not. From a legal view-point, any activity that offends the objects clause and isn’t expressly declared within the memoranda of Association would be thought of ultra-vires, i.e. on the far side the powers of the corporate.

Name Clause

The name of the corporate should be declared with the last word ‘Limited’ just {in case} of restricted firms and with the last 2 words ‘Private Limited’ in case of personal Ltd.. The businesses Act, 2013 states that an organization shouldn’t be registered with Associate in Nursing undesirable name.

Situation Clause

The memoranda of Association should mention the State during which the registered workplace of the corporate are set. The domicile of the corporate should be declared for determination of jurisdiction of Court, tax authorities and mythical monster.

Liability Clause

The memoranda of Association should state whether or not the corporate is proscribed by shares or by guarantee. Also, the memoranda of Association should state that the liability of its members is proscribed. An organization cannot increase the liability of its members while not their written consent.

Capital Clause

The memoranda of Association of an organization having share capital is needed to indicate the quantity of share capital with that the corporate goes to be registered, and also the division therefor into shares of fastened worth.

How we help with memorandum of association amendment

Ali Tax World can help you with MOA amendment.

Free Consultation Got questions? Request a call from an Ali Tax World Business Advisor.


A Business knowledgeable can review this and planned flightless bird of company and also the Articles of Association to grasp the background of the corporate before starting the method. The review would take one – three operating days.

Board Resolutions

Once you get Associate in nursing understanding of the procedures concerned in MOA Amendment, our consultants can draft the mandatory Resolutions for the procedure.


Once the Board Resolutions are passed, our consultants can prepare and file the mandatory documents with the Ministry of company Affairs to finish the MOA Amendment.


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