Patent is associate prerogative for associate invention provided by the law for a restricted time to the artificer. By patenting associate invention, the artificer is ready to manage the creating, using, marketing or mercantilism of the proprietary product or method for manufacturing that product while not his/her consent. For associate invention to be patentable in Asian nation, the invention should be a brand new product or method, involving an ingenious step associated capable of being created or employed in a trade. Patent registrations have a validity of twenty years from the date of filing of application, no matter whether or not it’s filed with provisionary or complete specification.

Patent registration applications square measure handled by the federal agency, Controller General of Patents, styles & Trade Marks. Patent applications is filed electronically with provisionary or complete specification, at the acceptable federal agency. Ali Tax World will assist you file an application.

Reasons to Register a Patent Firm

Legal Protection

Only house owners of registered patents square measure allowed to require action or sue for damages just in case of infringement. Patent protection isn’t enforceable for inventions that aren’t registered.

Global Patent Protection

A patent registration in Asian nation is used because the basis for patent registration in different countries, if needed. Foreigners and Foreign entities may also register a patent in Asian nation, if needed.

Competitive Edge

Patent registration can offer a novel competitive edge for the business. Competitors won’t be allowed to use the proprietary invention for similar merchandise or services.

20 Year Validity

Patent registrations in Asian nation square measure valid for twenty years from the date of filing of application, no matter whether or not it’s filed with provisionary or complete specification.

Creation of asset

Patent registration creates associate holding that is associate intangible for a company. Registered patent is associate intangible which will be sold, franchised or commercially shrunken.

How we help with patent registration

Ali Tax World will apply assist you apply for a patent registration in seven – ten operating days.

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Application Preparation

Our Patent skilled can prepare the application for your business supported your needs and data.

Application Filing

Once, the trademark application is ready and signed by you, we will file it with the federal agency electronically.

Application tracking

Once the application is filed with the Registrar, the govt. process can begin. We are going to offer application standing through iCFO Platform.


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