One of the foremost necessary written document whereas applying for patent registration is tentative specification or complete specification. to extend the probabilities of getting patent registration, a provision specification is filed at the side of a application if the someone feels that the invention has reached a stage whereby it is disclosed on paper, however has not earned the ultimate stage. Hence, tentative specification area unit corresponding to draft specification filed principally to secure a priority date for the applying over the other application that may be filed in respect of identical invention being developed by a competition.

A provision specification should contain the title and outline of the invention. The outline ought to begin from the second page, beginning with the sphere of invention and containing the background of the invention, object of the invention and statement of the invention. In tentative specification, claims aren’t enclosed. Claims area unit ordinarily enclosed solely within the complete specification.

Ali Tax World is that the leading business services platform in Asian country, providing a spread of services like Trademark registration, Patent registration, GST registration, and LLP registration and additional. Ali Tax World will assist you file a tentative application in Asian country. The typical time taken to file a tentative application is regarding fifteen – twenty operating days, subject to government interval and consumer document submission. Get a free consultation on tentative application filing by planning a meeting with associate degree Ali Tax World authority.

Advantages of Filing Provisional Patent

Legal Protection

Only homeowners of registered patents area unit allowed to require action or sue for damages just in case of infringement. Patent protection isn’t enforceable for inventions that aren’t registered.

Global Patent Protection

A patent registration in Asian country is used because the basis for patent registration in different countries, if needed. Foreigners and Foreign entities may register a patent in Asian country, if needed.

Competitive Edge

Patent registration can give a singular competitive edge for the business. Competitors won’t be allowed to use the proprietary invention for similar product or services.

20 Year Validity

Patent registrations in Asian country area unit valid for twenty years from the date of filing of application, no matter whether or not it’s filed with tentative or complete specification.

Creation of asset

Patent registration creates associate degree holding, that is associate degree intangible for a corporation. Registered patent is associate degree intangible which will be oversubscribed, franchised or commercially narrowed.

How we help with provisional patent registration

Ali Tax World will apply assist you apply for a tentative patent registration in seven – ten operating days.

Free Consultation Got questions? Request a call from an Ali Tax World Business Advisor.

Application Preparation

Our Patent professional can prepare the tentative application for your business supported your needs and knowledge.

Application Filing

Once, the trademark application is ready and signed by you, we will file it with the agency electronically.

Application tracking

Once the application is filed with the Registrar, the govt. process can begin.


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