TAN or tax write-off and assortment range (TAN) is obligatory ten digit alpha range needed to be obtained by all persons WHO are liable for tax write-off at supply (TDS) or collecting at supply (TCS) on behalf of the govt. Tax subtracted at supply (TDS) ensures that the Government’s assortment of tax is proponed and also the responsibility for paying tax is diversified. The person deducting the tax at supply is needed to deposit the tax subtracted to the credit of Central Government – quoting the TAN range. People WHO are salaried aren’t needed to get TAN or deduct tax at supply. However, a ownership business and different entities (i.e., non-public Ltd., LLP, etc.,) should deduct tax at supply whereas guaranteeing payment like wage, payments to contractor or sub-contractors, payment of rent surpassing Rs.1,80,000 per annum, etc. On deducting tax at supply, the entity registered for TAN can issue a TDS Certificate as proof of assortment of tax.

To obtain TAN, application should be created for allotment of TAN in type 49B beside the specified supporting documents. supported the appliance, the TAN are assigned to the entity and also the entity should quote the TAN altogether TDS/TCS returns, TDS/TCS payment challans and every one TDS/TCS Certificates. Ali Tax World will assist you acquire your TAN registration quickly and hassle-fee. Ali Tax World is a certified TAN Facilitation Center.

Reasons to Register a TAN

TAN – Tax deduction Account range

PAN could be a ten character alpha-numeric code issued by the tax Department for persons liable for deducting or grouping tax at supply. All most all for-profit entities and not-for-profit entities are needed to get TAN.

TDS Payments

Tax subtracted at supply should be paid into approved bank, quoting the TAN and victimization Challan 281. TDS throughout the preceding month should be paid before the seventh day of the subsequent month.

Proprietorship require TAN

Salaried people aren’t needed to deduct tax at supply. However, people running a ownership ar needed to get TAN and deduct tax at supply once needed.

TAN Facilitation Center

Ali Tax World could be a approved TAN facilitation center. Therefore, Ali Tax World will assist you acquire TAN hassle-free and quickly. simply send the TAN application beside the supporting documents and that we can assist you get your TAN quickly.


Once a TAN is issued, it’s valid for lifespan. However, TDS Filings should be created quarterly on the fifteenth day of Gregorian calendar month, October, Jan and should. Non-filing of TDS filings at intervals the day of the month can attract a penalty

How we help with TAN registration

Ali Tax World can help your business obtain TAN Registration in 7 to 12 days, subject to Government processing time.


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Application Preparation

An Ali Tax World Tax skilled can prepare your TAN Application and acquire your signature within the format in conjunction with the mandatory supporting documents.

Application processing

Once the appliance is ready, Ali Tax World can submit the TAN Application to the Tax Department. Ali Tax World could be a TAN Facilitiation Center.

TAN Allotment

Once the appliance and therefore the connected supporting documents square measure verified, the Tax Department can allot a TAN range for your business.


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