Company Share Transfer

The possession of a corporation restricted by shares is command by the shareholders of the corporate. The shareholders successively appoint administrators to manage the affairs of the corporate. Hence, possession of a corporation rests with the shareholders and not the administrators. Transfer of possession of a corporation will thus be accomplished by transferring shares of the corporate from one person or entity to a different. Share transfer in a very personal Ld. is typically a lot of restricted when put next to a listed company that’s in public listed. The whole shares of a personal Ld. Area unit sometimes in hand by a family or little cluster of persons or entities. Hence, most of the Articles of Association of a personal Ld. limit the correct of a shareowner to transfer the company’s shares to associate degree outsider. Therefore, it’s necessary to review the Articles of Association of the corporate before effecting a share transfer. Ali Tax World will assist you transfer shares of a personal Ld. by finishing the mandatory procedures as per corporations Act, 2013.

Reasons to Share Transfer


Shareholders area unit the legal house owners of the shares of a corporation. Shareholders may be natural persons or company entities. They will even be NRIs or Foreign Nationals or Foreign Entities. Shareholders area unit the house owners of a corporation.


Directors of a corporation area unit appointed by the shareholders of a corporation to manage the affairs of a corporation. Administrators don’t seem to be house owners of a corporation. However, administrators may be shareholders and shareholders may be administrators.

Articles of Association

The articles of association of a corporation defines the rights and responsibilities of shareholders and administrators. Articles of Association of a corporation will limit the share transfer in a very personal Ltd.

Authorised Capital

The authorised capital of a corporation determines the worth and variety of shares a corporation will issue to its shareholders.

Paid-up Capital

Paid up share capital of a corporation is that the quantity of cash that shares were issued to the shareowner that payment was created by the shareowner.

How we help with Share Transfer process

Ali Tax World will assist you transfer shares of a private Ltd. in regarding two to three weeks.

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A Business knowledgeable can review this holding of the corporate and also the Articles of Association to grasp the background of the corporate before starting the method. The review would take one – three operating days.

Document Preparation

The necessary documents area unit are ready by associate degree knowledgeable for transferring shares of the corporate from one person or entity to a different. Documents are ready by the knowledgeable in three – five operating days reckoning on quality.

Share Issue

Based on the share transfer documentation submitted to the corporate, associate degree knowledgeable can facilitate prepare the mandatory documentation for acceptive the share transfer and issue of shares to the new shareowner in five – ten operating days.


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