Trademark registration may be a form of property protection, below that a word or visual image employed by a business to differentiate it product or services from alternative similar product or services originating from a special business are often protected. To register a trademark, a trademark application should be filed by the individual with the relevant Trade Mark Registrar within the prescribed format. Once a trademark application is filed, the Trade Marks Registrar would method the applying associate degreed issue an Examination Report. Among the outcomes, the Trademark Examination Report may give the trademark application to be publicized before registration or the Trademark Examiner may raise associate degree objection for registration of the mark.

In cases whereby the Trade Mark Registrar raises associate degree objection for registration of a trademark, the individual has a chance to submit a written reply for the objection raised. The reply to the Trademark Examination Report ought to contain reasons, facts and proofs on why the mark ought to be registered in favor of the individual besides supporting evidence, if any. If the Trademark Examiner finds the reply adequate and addresses all the issues raised by him/her within the Examination Report, the applying would be allowed to be printed within the Trademark Journal, before registration.

Ali Tax World is that the leading business services platform in India, giving a spread of services like company registration, trademark filing, tax registration, tax filing and capital syndication. Ali Tax World will assist you reply to the objection raised by a Trade Mark examiner. The common time taken to draft and file a trademark objection reply is concerning five – ten operating days, subject to government interval and consumer document submission. Get a free consultation on replying to a trademark objection by planning a rendezvous with associate degree Ali Tax World consultant.

Important Aspects of Replying to Trademark Objection

Respond Professionally

It’s important that knowledgeable response be written as a reply to the objection raised by a Trademark Examiner. Associate degree older skilled will considerably improve probabilities of no-hit trademark registration by filing knowledgeable response, addressing all the concerns cited within the Trademark Examination report.


Filing a response to the objections raised by a Trademark Examiner within the Trademark Examination report doesn’t guarantee registration of the trademark. Trademark registration may be a method and registration is provided solely by the Trademark Registrar – supported the facts of every case. Hence, our professionals will solely create best efforts for registration supported experience.


Post filing of a trademark application, it’s necessary to sporadically check the standing of the trademark application till its process on the govt. aspect. Trademark registration typically needs numerous time-bound response or action from the individual. Hence, it is vital to repeatedly check the standing of the applying and take needed action till registration.

Trademark Journal

Trade Mark Journal is an officer gazette of the Trade Marks written account. If the Trademark Examiner determines that the reply to the objection sufficiently addresses all issues cited within the Trademark Examination report, the trademark is publicized within the Trademark Journal. Whereas the applying is publicized, third-parties have a chance to oppose the registration of the mark.

Trademark Objection

As per the Trademark Act, any individual will file notice of opposition against a trademark application inside an amount of 4 months from the date on that the mark is publicized or re-advertised within the Trademark Journal. When receiving the notice of opposition, the individual is needed to file a counter statement inside 2 months.

How we help with replying to trademark objection

Ali Tax World will assist you file a reply to a trademark objection in five to ten operating days, subject to government and consumer interval.

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An Ali Tax World Trademark skilled would confirm the rationale for objection and confirm a course of action to deal with the issues of the Trademark Examiner – cited within the Trademark Examination report.

Reply Drafting

Based on the discussion and course of action set, a reply letter is written by associate degree Ali Tax World Trademark skilled.

Reply Filing

On getting the consent of the individual, the Trademark Reply is filed with the Trademark written account and also the process of the applying is half-tracked.


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