A trademark may be a visual image, which can be a word, name, device, label or numerals utilized by a business to differentiate it merchandise or services from different similar merchandise or services originating from a unique business. A registered trademark is AN assets or belongings for a business and is employed to shield the company’s investment within the complete or image. A trademark is registrable if it’s distinctive for the products and services you give. Planned logos that area unit similar or clone of AN existing registered trademark can’t be registered. Also, logos don’t seem to be registrable if it’s offensive, generic, deceptive, not distinctive, contains specially protected emblems, etc.,

Trademarks in Asian country area unit registered by the Controller General of Patents styles and logos, Ministry of Commerce and trade, Government of Asian country. Logos area unit registered below the Trademark Act, 1999 and supply the trademark owner with a right to sue for damages once infringements of logos occur. Once a trademark is registered, R image is used and also the registration are going to be valid for ten years. Registered logos nearing end is simply revived by filing a trademark renewal application for an amount of another ten years.

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Reasons to Register a Trademark

Legal Protection

Only house owners of registered logos area unit allowed to require action or sue for damages just in case of trademark infringement. Trademark protection isn’t enforceable for logos that don’t seem to be registered. All registered logos area unit valid for an amount of ten years and might be revived for an amount of another ten years simply by filing a trademark renewal application.

Unique Identity

Trademark filing can facilitate establish a novel identity and complete for your merchandise or services. Competitors won’t be allowed to use your trademark for similar merchandise or services.

Creation of asset

Trademark filing creates a belongings that is AN assets for a corporation. Registered trademark may be a right which will be oversubscribed, franchised or commercially contracted.

Trust or Goodwill

Registered logos is wont to produce a way of trust, goodwill and quality within the minds of your client that’s distinctive to your business. Registered logos show your client that you just care concerning your complete.

Global Trademark Filing

A trademark filing in Asian country is used because the basis for trademark filing in different countries if needed. Foreigners and Foreign entities can even register a trademark in Asian country if needed.


Identity and Business Proof
Identity proof like passport, driver’s license, aadhaar card, voters id or identity card for the trademark owner or person authorized by the trademark owner for filing the trademark application. In case of legal entity or registered body, then partnership deed or incorporation certificate or registration certificate is needed.

Logo with Tagline
If the trademark application is formed for a word, emblem isn’t needed. All told alternative cases, emblem should be submitted ideally in black and white format. The brand should contain the precise words mentioned within the trademark application.

Form-48 and User affidavit
Form-48 authorizes a professional person to file a trademark application on your behalf with the Trademark Registrar. Just in case a claim for previous use is formed on the trademark application, then trademark user testimony should be submitted.

How we help with trademark registration

Ali Tax World will assist you apply for a trademark in a single day.

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Application Preparation
Our Trademark skilled can prepare the trademark application for your business supported your needs and knowledge. We are going to prepare your application supported the data provided.

Trademark Filing
Once, the trademark application is ready and signed by you, we are able to file it with the Trademark Registrar in real time. Once, the applying is filed with the Registrar you’ll begin exploitation the metal image.

Trademark Registration
Once the trademark application is filed with the Registrar, the govt. process can begin. we are going to give trademark application standing chase through SMS, Email and iCFO Platform.


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